Exchange with "the Arnewood School" NewMilton (England) March 23rd-March 30th 2018 and June 5th- June 12th 2018 
We left Vannes early in the morning on March 23rd to NewMilton (Hampshire) where we met our penfriends.

After a week-end with our host families we went to London, and as we had talked about Longitude in the math lesson, we visited the Royal Observatory of Greenwich and learned more about Harrisson.

We also visited Bath (Somerset), a wonderfull town steeped in history.

We couldn't stay stay in NewMilton without going to school and we attended different lessons and had conversations with English students at the Arnewood School.

We came back to Vannes, the head full of good memories and looked forward to seeing our penfriends in June in Vannes.

Harrisson's third timekeeper
at the library
Harrisson's third timekeeper (2)
discussion with English students
finding longitude-the timekeeper method
in front of the Royal Crescent
history lesson